Sunday, April 21, 2019

kuralin kural

Voice-1 of the string
                           Magic made of eggplant 
      Cop studying pretext road unwary those looking kontiruntanaruke the paper was still a cop's father told him, "enta patikkama fun parttukkittirukke?" He said loudly titukkittavan father upright tried startled threshold eggplant A nru loudly shouted Kai sells komatiyaip Bar Tu. She heard the yelling voice.
"Amma, that's my way to get to the door and then get some loud shouting?"
"Everything is neighboring and circulating only.Everybody 
Che ttuk Sami shouted. "
Before he answered, Kubu's mother was quiet from the inside. That weekend, all the work was done in a salty kitchen.
Komathi's mother drowned in business 
"Maybe, this price is bad for the price .
"Yes, you should kuruviyattan Kaka." He smiled that kurumpukkari.
With this conversation, the women and the neighbors too had time to ask for the price. Kobe's father and coffer smiled at this conversation and business.
           By the end of the business and finished with the eggplant, Parvati went in 
Dad said, "Eggplant is tasteless. It's nice that you do not have to negotiate this."
         Two days have passed.He came home from the school and brought a small plant in his hand.He said to the parrot that he asked, "Amma, our school 
You have to tell everyone to plant a plant . Whoever owns a lot of food can give them a gift . "
The paradox is contagious. "What plant will it be?"
" Wonder it.Well know the ball.Why are we leaving?
   Mother and son ferret old plastic valiyaietuttu vaittanarparvati its feet in the air like a hole in the cast 
She was brushed into it.
"Bring down the soil from below"
The boy was running away with the bucket. "Days where are you running?"
இப்போது அப்பாவும் சேர்ந்து கொண்டார் செடியை நட்டாயிற்று.தினமும்தண்ணீர் ஊற்றுவது வேர் பிடித்ததா என்று பார்ப்பது கோபுவின் முக்கிய வேலையாயிற்று பால்காரரிடம் சாணம் தரச் சொல்லிக் கேட்டு அதைக் காயவைத்து எருவாக்கினாள்  பார்வதி.பத்துநாட்கள் சென்றன.அன்றுகாலையில்  காபியைக் கையில் பிடித்தபடி செடியின் அருகே வந்த பார்வதி "கோபு, சீக்கிரம் ஓடிவாடா"என்று கூச்சலிட்டாள் 
              The rope rolled with the rope.
"Look here. Put up a new leaf. Look at another side of the bar."
"Hiyyah, our plant has grown up." His parents took part in happiness and participated in happiness. The boy's mother asked her to search on the computer about  growing the plants and reading to Kupu 
The planting of the royal family has now taken place.
It was only now that it was planted.
"Parvati was thrown into the house looking for you," he said.
The scissor broke in two months. Parvati looked up and raised the water 
On that day, Gomati came and sat like the mother Kai Wahela 
She asked her why she did not want to  scream .
 A lappuccivanta bought veppennai clear nkatanni scale mouth water uttunka lot valaranumnu soon uttuna alukitumma "
Parvati broke her mouth. "Adayappa," she says in herself, "this is a hardship for a knife."  
"Well, do you want me to buy a knife until you cut your scissors?" She  smiled.
That day is a Sunday. Kobu and Daddy were watching a little fun.
      Parvati gave her the money she asked for 
"What is Parvati?
"It's your house sculpture.Isn't it?" She laughed. And Cobu understood it and smiled at her  .
"She  is right.What a bowl is we breastfeeding.What is it that everybody looks like Parvati that we do not bargain with them?

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